Ambi Climate A.I. Powered Air Conditioning Redefined AMBIV2-C

Smarter Comfort via Artificial Intelligence 

  • More than just temperature. Multiple sensors detect temperature, humidity, weather and other factors. 
  • Learns your preferences. Uses A.I. techniques to learn and analyze the impact of these multiple factors on your comfort. 
  • Auto-adjusts your AC. Automatically adjusts your AC for optimal comfort with energy savings. 

Smart-Enable Your Air Conditioner 

  • Smartphone AC Access. Access your AC with your smartphone, anywhere you have an internet connection – from the next room, across town, or around the world. 
  • Monitor and Control. Check on conditions at home while you’re on-the-go. Take better care of your pets and loved ones, pre-cool your home, and cut down on unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Voice Control. Effortlessly control your air conditioner through Amazon Alexa.  

Smarter Tools for Your Air Conditioner 

  • Visual Timers. Intuitive timers through a visual interface. Set daily or weekly schedules. 
  • Auto-set conditions. Keep your pets cool and your property protected, without wasting energy. 
  • Geolocation. Automatically switch on and off your AC based on your location. 
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